So Thanksgiving is coming up…


That is all…


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So, I hate MLA format

Yep, it’s the devil. I failed my annotate bibliography because of the &%#$ing periods okay after the *@%$ing months. *Breathes heavily and angrily* I really really hate MLA format.

That is all.


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So, memo to self:

Never agree to work two of three weddings in one weekend unless I am planning on never feeling the balls of my feet again.

On the plus side: Close to $200 for 2 days work. I’m not going to complain TOO much…

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So I move in tomorrow…

And instead of packing, like I should be, I’m writing a blog! Yay! I’m mostly packed. I got my computer to pack up, which I’m currently using, and my TV and my fan, my power strips, lamp, shoe hanger and my tea pot and the rest of my cups. Then I’m done. Well, then I have to pack it all in the van and in my car then I’m done. Then I have to unload everything…That’s gonna be easier than packing all of this. I like unpacking. I don’t like packing…Nope…I have been going around the house looking at piles of boxes and screaming. I was really good at first. I had a plan, I packed lots of boxes of stuff. And then day two started and I felt like I hadn’t accomplished anything and that’s when the screaming started.

K, I think I’m going to attempt to pack stuff…

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so just a little rant…

So those of you who don’t know, I’ve been having some problems with my blood sugar lately. Huge dizzy spells, numbness in my hands, sleeping for 10+ hours and still being exhausted, and all symptoms that when looked up on WebMD pointed to seeing the doctor. I finally push past all of my fears that I have (could it be hypoglycemia? Could it be diabetes? I swear, if it’s a virus*…) and called the doctor today. I called and polietly asked to schedule an appointment. The receptionist on the other end said, “Okay, how about…um….September 19th.” I thought she was joking. So I asked her if she was. She wasn’t. Today’s date is August 13th, Boyfriend’s birthday (Happy birthday! Here’s a rant!) I’m glad I’m not really sick with a sinus infection or strep. If I do get sick, there is no point for me to call the doctor’s office which is convientely a couple of blocks from campus. If I’m sick during the school year, I’m just going to go the death, I mean, Health center. The place that when I had my lymph node swollen to the size of a golf ball, they told me it was strep but since they were out of tests, they couldn’t test me and so they sent me on my way with a ‘script and said, “have a nice day!” So what do I do? I could just go ahead and schedule an appointment once a week, every week for the next 10 months. That way, if I do get sick, I don’t have to freak out, I just have to hope that I am not going to die from what ever before my appointment that week. I hope my cries of anguish have been heard by my dad (and the email I sent him ranting about the doctor’s office) and I hope he realizes that this is ridiculous also and decides we need a new doctor.

*Oh the virus story! So my senior year, I missed a lot of school. I got sick A LOT that year. One month, an entire month, I was sick with the same symptoms. Stomach problems, head aches, slight fever. I go to the doctor 3 different times in that month time period and every time the doctor tells me it’s a virus. Same symptoms for a month straight? Yep, virus. So last year, I switched doctors to one close to campus and I get a sinus infection. I get one at least once in the fall and once in the spring. I know the symptoms. I go in tell the doc my symptoms and he says, “It’s a virus.” No, it’s not! He gave me an antibiotic anyway, and wouldn’t you know it cleared up with in 24 hours of starting the antibiotic. This is why I hate doctors. They say it’s a virus most of the time so that way they don’t have to do anything just send you on your merry little way. At least that’s how I feel about it.

K, I’m done now. I’m gonna go be grouchy somewhere else…


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So the summer’s almost over…

I’ve been working on some purses to help me earn some extra moneys during the school year.


Eventually I will have an Etsy shop and they will be available for purchase.

Just had a great Mad Hatter Style tea party for Boyfriend’s birthday which is Wednesday (Happy birthday!) Lots of prep: hand made tags for all the tea cups



Lots of food to make including spaghetti for 12.


And a Topsy Turvy cake.



It turned out okay…eventually…


Let’s just hope that Boyfriend doesn’t want to become a cake maker like his Aunt.

Then I started the socks for the Yarn Smackdown and bought yarn for it. I’m not happy with this yarn. It was cheap because let’s face it, I’m not willing to spend $16 a skein for myself let alone someone I don’t know. I like the color, it is a bit coarse but it does soften as I knit. But what made me reeeeeeeally not like this yarn was when I was trying to find the center pull, which I always have problems with, it was completely knotted. On both skeins! Then as I start knitting and casting on (decided to try out this Magic Loop thing everyone one is talking about) I noticed something that made me very angry.


What I think it looks like is a moth decided to munch on that piece or someone wasn’t paying attention when spinning it. But it can’t be a moth that attacked it because the yarn comes permanently moth proofed! Grr…

But I got something out of this problem. I got a new experience. I learned how to spit splice!


While gross, it was very helpful and it worked! Now you can’t tell! Yay!

I move back to campus in 9 days. It’s exciting and sad at the same time. I’m excited to get back home to my friends and my room and even my crappy campus food which I miss so much (The curly fries might give you cancer, but you can’t find any better ones…) I’m even excited about classes! I have a friend who is in the Army who is going to be stationed in Japan starting in January and told both me and my brother that if we get straight A’s for the whole year he will pay for our trips to Japan next summer to visit him. How awesome is that?! So I’m planning on busting my ass this year to try and get straight A’s. No more playing poker until all hours of the night and skipping classes so I can catch up on sleep that I missed the night before because of playing poker. I think I can do it though! I’m gonna try at least! Really really hard!

But on the other hand I am sad. I actually have to do stuff (ugh) and I will really miss seeing Boyfriend everyday. Makes me teary eyed just thinking about it…Sad.

And if you haven’t watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog yet, get your booty over to and watch it! You will be happy that I made you!

Oh my tomatoes! Remember those tomatoes that Boyfriend and I planted way back at the begining of the summer? Well, they’re HUGE! I mean HUUUUUUGE! I mean so big that Tokyo better start finding something to fight tomato plants because these guys are gonna start attacking soon, that’s how big they are!



If you notice, Boyfriend is 6’2″. They’re almost as tall as he is!

Okay that’s it from me right now! I’m going to try and update more but don’t hold it against me if I don’t…

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So this is what I want for my birthday!

Everyone has been asking me lately and so I’ve decided that it’s time to just put a list up for everyone to see! Discuss amongst yourselves what you are going to get me…

Leigh?s Birthday List!
1. Ball Winder (No, Grandma, I don’t need Aunt B’s. She can keep them…)
2. Swift (Ditto)
3. Yarn or gift certificates for yarn
4. Socks ? must be fun colors and preferably knee high
5. Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vol. 1 by Julia Child
6. Yarn, A lot of it!
7. Animal House
8. Airplane!
9. Emperor?s New Groove
10. Blues Brother 2000
11. If you really want to, a new IPod

And P.s. I would LOVE some more yarn!


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