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so i carved a pumpkin…


and this is the result! a cute adorable little lion from the adorable kenya video on weebls-stuff great video, everyone must watch numerous times…ove and over…lots and lots!

its adorable! and absolutly perfect, especially since the last time i carved a pumpkin, i was 6, i think this is a great pumpkin charlie brown!

now im making roasted pumpkin seeds which are almost done so im gonna go eat them! yay! k bye!


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so today was pretty boring

yeah and i have a huge project i should be working on right now…along with doing laundry…and tweezing my eyebrows…i usually dont worry about that but we are doing portraits in drawing class and i was lookin at them today and BOY are they yeah…speaking of scary, did you know that scary is spelled “scarry”? and that scar is “scare” yea me neither but these goofy kids in the german three class that i graded papers for today sure thought so…im an assistant during my fifth hour class and so unfortunatly im a german four student in a german one class…good news is i get a bunch of free time…bad news is i have nothing to fill that time with…especially with my finger being dumb…oh i emailed my aunt about herbert the frumpy fracture and she said “dont worry, both your grandmother and i have done it!” because they are both also avid knitters so i dont feel so dumbtarded…yes that is a word for an extreme feeling of stupidness…so yeah…now im going to work on my project for econ unless the 360 calls my name which it looks like its doing….


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so i took the SAT’s…

and booooooy did they SUCK! yeah, ive decided i dont want to do that ever again…i didnt go to school on friday because 1, i knew i wasnt going to miss anything and 2, i knew i was going to have to think alot on saturday…so yeah…i hope i did well…because THEY SUUUCKED and i did it at a neighboring highschool and boy were they stuck up…im not one to judge people unless i know them but they dont seem to think that way…i was wearing an old sweatshirt that my aunt gave me from when she visited us in germany when we lived there many many many years ago and i got sooo many dirty looks because of it…you would have thought i had a monkey eating my hair or something…they were definatly not nice people…definatly felt out of place….oh well..with that aside my finger does feel alot better although not 100% but i REEEAAALLLY want to finish my sock! im SOOOOO close to finishing it…i seriously have about 45 mins left of work on this thing…after that im going to work on a geisha sock and im very excited about it because that means more socks to keep my feet warm when wearing flip flops in winter in Indiana! not smart but i like my flip flops dammit! then im going to make another pair of pedicure socks because they are very nice, except im going to make them a little smaller…mine are nice but too big right now…so yeaaaaah! thats what i have planned…oh and im going to make a pair of socks for grant because he wants nice warm socks…i just have to find a pattern i like first….so yeah… k im done for now! byee!

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so my finger is still broken…

and i got not much else to say about anything…school is booooring….the best part i would say is that the scourge of the sea, a band based out of lexington, KY, has been bragging about how good of an interview i did! which is great because i thought it was my worst one ever! but since theyve been bragging, another band from lexington called Petticoat, Petticoat wants to do an interview with me! and the hot iq’s are signing up for another one and the changes are scheduled for next wednesday! so yeah…if you want to hear bits of the scourge of the sea interview go to and click on multimedia! but trust me…it sucks…the good luck joes is more entertaining…but anyway…its hard to type with a broken finger…so im going now…bye!

*edit* its been decided that the break in my finger is called herbert the frumpy fracture…there…now im going…

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so my finger is broken

yeah…its broke…broke dead…and how did i break my finger perhaps….from knitting….yeah…! especially since i was planning on finishing my sock by friday…yeah thats not happening…makes me sad…the name of the break in my finger is still up in the air although grant wants to name it herbert the frumpy fracture…i dont know though… its hard to type with a splint on your finger though…k i go now…bye

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who is benita?

who is benita? benita is my little callus…from knitting…when knitting one usually developes at least one callus…mine is names benita…now you know…

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