so today was pretty boring

yeah and i have a huge project i should be working on right now…along with doing laundry…and tweezing my eyebrows…i usually dont worry about that but we are doing portraits in drawing class and i was lookin at them today and BOY are they yeah…speaking of scary, did you know that scary is spelled “scarry”? and that scar is “scare” yea me neither but these goofy kids in the german three class that i graded papers for today sure thought so…im an assistant during my fifth hour class and so unfortunatly im a german four student in a german one class…good news is i get a bunch of free time…bad news is i have nothing to fill that time with…especially with my finger being dumb…oh i emailed my aunt about herbert the frumpy fracture and she said “dont worry, both your grandmother and i have done it!” because they are both also avid knitters so i dont feel so dumbtarded…yes that is a word for an extreme feeling of stupidness…so yeah…now im going to work on my project for econ unless the 360 calls my name which it looks like its doing….



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2 responses to “so today was pretty boring

  1. Ek. I know all about projects that I should be doing. I should be doing one now, but I ma leaving you this comment instead.

    I read your comment for my latest blog and it completely made me smile. Thanks so much for that. Things are looking up already. I think I just needed a good cry. (Plus M&M’s, lots of them. I bought the big bag.)

    As for the word dumbtarded, that is the coolest word ever, and im going to use it. 🙂 Thanks for making me smile and good luck with the herbert FF. and the knitting.


    P.S. German is such an angry language lol.

  2. So Nth degree is like the best song ever lol.
    My school has gone fliter crazy with the site blocking.
    Suprisingly, they have yet to block this site as well.
    Cept I’m at home because we have 2 hour late start, and being a senior, I don’t even have to have a first period.
    But anyways, havea good day.

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