so anatomy sucks…

yeah i have a total of ….. 8 things due next week in anatomy…i want to cry… we are on the skeletal system right now and it suuuucks….i hate this class…alot…and in government i have to do a group project on prayer in school…which i personally think is one of the least important things that people gripe about…i dont understand why people care that much, i really dont!


i finished one of my armsocks and started working on the other one…i was sick monday so thats why i was able to finish one of them… pictures will come when….iiiii feeeeellll liiiiiiiiikkkke iiiiiiittttt!!!!!!!!! probably after i am completely done with anatomy which is in…16 weeks…omg only 16 more weeks left of me being in high school! OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! i think im scared now….

okay going to go work on the dreaded anatomy homework from hell….rarh…


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