so it snowed…alot…

yeaaah we got alot of snow…im not gonna lie…so far ive had three snow days…oh yeah, no school for three days! yeaah! oh and hush hush…yeah it died…so i was knitting it and i had about 3.5 inches done and i decided that i would untwist it fully so i could see what it looked like because silly me i hadnt done that yet…well, there were two lovely twists that were not coming out no matter what i did…i even had boyfriend help me and nothing was working…so….it is now a lovely ball of green yarn….yeah…im sad…i started on a pair of fingerless mitts over at blue garter… so yeah…thats my project right now…not much else going on except cleaning because since the family is away i can clean and keep it clean for more than 45 minutes! yay! makes me happy! the kitchen has been clean for over 12 hours now! im so happy! yay! okay now to clean or knit or whatever….

but wait! theres more!

pictures of snow!


people digging their car out of the snow!


and a cute picture of my puppy! watching people dig themselves out of the snow…100_03671.jpg

k im done now…


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One response to “so it snowed…alot…

  1. Beth

    Yeah, so I just read my myspace (which I like never do) and found your note from January!

    Trés cool. You have been added to my blog favs.

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