so knitting lately…

hasnt been too … successful…ive started about 3 different projects and i only have finished half of 1….yeeeaaah….im kinda lazy….and get frustrated easily…good news, got my prom dress which is currently at my aunts house to be altered…not much, just straps shortened…yesterday, speaking of my aunts, she gave me a gorgeous ball of purple yarn, even if it might have been nibbled on by moths…oh well! its still pretty!


in knitting i started about 3 different pairs of gloves…none of them finished…or even half way finished…two of them are balls of yarn because they made me mad… i did start a pair of booties i guess for sarahs daughter who is due in about 2 weeks… im doing the twinkle toes from knitty im doing it in pink and they are cuuute so far…i got one done in about 2 hours…its a very fast knit and pretty fun to do ballet-003.jpg

heres the cat wearing it….hes cute and he loves it even if he was asleep…


here it is off of the cat….like i said, its pretty easy and fun to make….

im also working on a pair of socks w/o toes but im too lazy to take a picture of those and put them on here….goooooooosh!

umm…i got contacts! yay! no more glasses! im still trying to get used to them so tomorrow at school should be interesting…

okay im going now, i have schtuff to do! yay!



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2 responses to “so knitting lately…

  1. Get off the So kick.. almost all of your posts titles start with so..

    You’re like that guy from Office Space!

    So… yeah… I….’m gonna need you to stop that now. Thanks..

  2. Where’s my stapler?

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