so yeah…my aunts an enabler…

she gave me more yarn…

any way…went to chicago yesterday to the museum of science and industry
it was really neat, we saw the body world exhibit. that was neat, once you get passed the penises everywhere…but yeah, other than that the coolest part was the submarine…

it was big…really really big…i could have spent the whole time there but i wanted to see every exhibit, and i did…it was awesome… the only bad part…the 8 hour round trip it took…i hate driving to illinois… but look at all the progress i did!

i am seriously almost done….i just have 4 1/2 more rows to do…then i will be done! well, after binding off and attaching the arms to the sweater the rest of the way….

in sadder news, my friend Jennifer’s sister died. Her name was Rachel, she died of Cystic Fibrosis on Sunday. It was kinda appropriate for her. she was a religions major at Anderson University. She wanted to be a preacher one day. this just really sucks…as soon as i find out what charity they are wanting people to donate to i am going to donate money. This is the second person ive known to die of CF in the past year. It really is a sad disease…and now for a picker upper!
its a toad…. a really really big one…

okay i go now bye bye….


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