so minnesota is far away…

especially when you are in IN….so my friends and i decided for our “yay, we’ve finally graduated and we’re going to college next year” road trip we were going to go to the spam museum…i was told it was in Missouri….from Indianapolis, not that far of a drive, maybe 4 hours if traffic is bad….well, i did some research and its not in Missouri…it is in Minnesota….from our starting point it is over 580 miles away….estimated time of 9 hours and 14 mins….so talking will need to be done with my friends to decide if we really want to go there…i am up to it as long as i dont have to drive for more than 15 minutes…i hate driving…oh and my senior pictures will be back online so this is YOUR LAST CHANCE TO ORDER THEM!!!!!! if you are interested email me and as soon as they are up i will email you the link….dont order them online otherwise you have to pay full price instead of my awesome discount….and after i send you the link please email me back ASAP because i want to get it done and over with! okay im done here….


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