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so, i started my sockpals socks…

mind you, just started. yep, i have 6 rows done of the cuff. thats it…yep….and i am sick again…3rd time in the past month…i am getting grouchy… oh well, off to bed and tomato soup….maybe some knitting….but maybe not…


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so i went to Illinois

i hate going to illinois….its not that i dont like to visit boyfriends family because i LOVE to. His family loves me, why wouldnt i want to be around people that love me? I hate going to Illinois for one reason…the drive…it is five hours of sitting in the car trying to find a station that plays some decent music on the radio that isnt country or christian or rap or anything that they talk for more than five minutes…it isnt easy people….and i hate going to Illinois because it is flat…really really flat. illionois-002.jpg

now, no i have never been to Iowa, because i’ve heard that is flatter but come on people! It is flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat….. it annoys me how flat it is….and im not saying Indiana is full of majestic mountains, im just saying that we arent as flat as they are….

okay, im done for now…i got nothing else…


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so i went to prom


i would like to say i looked good!

and i won $100 for my awesome photography!

dscn1909.jpg look at me there, im wearing tempting! in all of its glory! i won the peoples choice award at the Senior artshow…oh yeah i rock! never mind the demon eyes…i look like im possessed.

and then on sunday we went to a garage sale and i got some pretty yarn for 5$!prom-011.jpg

5 whole skeins for $5! the lady tried to give me the whole box for $10 but it was mostly novelty yarn and i have no idea what i would do with it…ever…it was bad…

okay im done now…


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so i really have been knitting lately!

i just havent really said much…

i finished tempting…it is done…nope, no picture…you have to wait for that

im working on cleaves

i have a whole sleeve done…

i am working on the minisweater it is for a charity auction. They are doing a bunch of different baskets and one of them is a “Teen Girl” basket. hopefully i will get it done by friday when it is due, but who knows…


oh and check out my awesome stitch counter…i totally made it myself…


i am soo cool… it is a token from an arcade….all you do: take 1 token, 1 nail and 1 hammer, place nail where you want the hole to be, hit nail with hammer repeatedly until there is a hole and TADA! youre done! its simple and lets out aggression…what more do you want?

and this is why i truly love spring… even if it does only last for 3 weeks…


the lilacs have bloomed even if some of them got hit by frost and arent as pretty as they usually are, i dont care, they are still wonderful! and the darkest ones on the block! they are a darker purple than normal lilacs….boy do i love them! my favorite part of spring…

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so next time im going to read the whole label…

so, i finally fall asleep around midnight only to be awaken at about 2 because i have a sudden urge to throw up….why? because i cant read a damn label…you would think with how often i have gotten sick that i would just ASSUME that i had to take food or “lots of water” with my medication, but no! i dont assume, because assuming is bad…but another thing is, i usually only read the first warning…well, the first warning on my medicine is: avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or artificial lamps… not until the third warning does it say anything about food or water…after the warning of taking it with antacids…between the two you would think that i would have expected this but nope! not one bit! and why children? ‘cuz i cant read! well, after two slices of wonderbread, half a glass of orange kool aid and lots and lots of spitting i am finally feeling more normal…not completely normal…but more… i will never be normal…not with my family…

and stupid quote of the day!…kinda night thing….

“…Because ‘tetra’ means ‘earth’! so you’re taking ‘earth drugs!'” anyone who has played tetris should know why that sentence is wrong…. and anyone who has taken a basic Geography course….yay stupidity!

now i am either going to attempt to go back to sleep or i am going to work on a shrug for charity…i just can’t decide!

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