so i really have been knitting lately!

i just havent really said much…

i finished tempting…it is done…nope, no picture…you have to wait for that

im working on cleaves

i have a whole sleeve done…

i am working on the minisweater it is for a charity auction. They are doing a bunch of different baskets and one of them is a “Teen Girl” basket. hopefully i will get it done by friday when it is due, but who knows…


oh and check out my awesome stitch counter…i totally made it myself…


i am soo cool… it is a token from an arcade….all you do: take 1 token, 1 nail and 1 hammer, place nail where you want the hole to be, hit nail with hammer repeatedly until there is a hole and TADA! youre done! its simple and lets out aggression…what more do you want?

and this is why i truly love spring… even if it does only last for 3 weeks…


the lilacs have bloomed even if some of them got hit by frost and arent as pretty as they usually are, i dont care, they are still wonderful! and the darkest ones on the block! they are a darker purple than normal lilacs….boy do i love them! my favorite part of spring…


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