so next time im going to read the whole label…

so, i finally fall asleep around midnight only to be awaken at about 2 because i have a sudden urge to throw up….why? because i cant read a damn label…you would think with how often i have gotten sick that i would just ASSUME that i had to take food or “lots of water” with my medication, but no! i dont assume, because assuming is bad…but another thing is, i usually only read the first warning…well, the first warning on my medicine is: avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or artificial lamps… not until the third warning does it say anything about food or water…after the warning of taking it with antacids…between the two you would think that i would have expected this but nope! not one bit! and why children? ‘cuz i cant read! well, after two slices of wonderbread, half a glass of orange kool aid and lots and lots of spitting i am finally feeling more normal…not completely normal…but more… i will never be normal…not with my family…

and stupid quote of the day!…kinda night thing….

“…Because ‘tetra’ means ‘earth’! so you’re taking ‘earth drugs!'” anyone who has played tetris should know why that sentence is wrong…. and anyone who has taken a basic Geography course….yay stupidity!

now i am either going to attempt to go back to sleep or i am going to work on a shrug for charity…i just can’t decide!


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