so i went to Illinois

i hate going to illinois….its not that i dont like to visit boyfriends family because i LOVE to. His family loves me, why wouldnt i want to be around people that love me? I hate going to Illinois for one reason…the drive…it is five hours of sitting in the car trying to find a station that plays some decent music on the radio that isnt country or christian or rap or anything that they talk for more than five minutes…it isnt easy people….and i hate going to Illinois because it is flat…really really flat. illionois-002.jpg

now, no i have never been to Iowa, because i’ve heard that is flatter but come on people! It is flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat….. it annoys me how flat it is….and im not saying Indiana is full of majestic mountains, im just saying that we arent as flat as they are….

okay, im done for now…i got nothing else…



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4 responses to “so i went to Illinois

  1. Beth

    So, if you hated the 5 hour drive, how are you going to cope with the 9+ hour drive to the SPAM museum?

  2. nutzonaroll

    I have to drive through IL from Indiana to Missouri to visit family. IL sucks….that is the most boring drive ever and yes very flat.

  3. Grant

    Thats it. Next time I’m drugging you before I take you.

  4. It really depends on what part of Illinois & what part of Iowa
    I’m from Northern, IL & it’s not flat
    I go to school in Iowa & Eastern Iowa is very hilly
    I don’t know what part of IL you drive through
    southern Il is hilly also & gorgeous, just the middle is flat

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