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so its friday…lets feast….

so i found something new on dr. girlfriend knits. its called Friday Feast! its from Friday Feast. gee, go figure.

How many pieces of jewelry do you wear most days?

-I wear two rings, my class ring and my claddagh that grant got me last year at Irish Fest. oh and now i wear a watch for work…i hate work…

What is your favorite instrumental song?

-Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring, it’s better when Josh Groban sings it but the instrumental is also good

Who has a last name that you like?

– anything polish or eastern European with the lots of harsh consonants together

Main Course
Name a popular movie you’ve never seen.

-Sound of Music. yep. never saw it…dont want to…..

Fill in the blank: Nothing makes me ___________ like ____________.

-Nothing makes me angry like a sniffily little kid who refuses to blow his nose…

k that was fun, im going to eat now…


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so i started hedera…

yep! i sure did! i am using this version which makes it into knee socks suggested to me by fabienne thank you VERY much for this. since it is originally in Finnish the translation isnt the best but still pretty easy to get. still very very nice. i quite like it. i have never made a lace pattern before so this one is my first but boy is it nice! very simple and easy to do while doing something else. this sock has been to my aunts, my dads and has listened to most of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on my I pod. very nice knitting background noise.

but now i guess you want pictures….


so far pretty good right?


i think so….the camera isnt showing the actual color of the yarn…go figure, it is red and cameras have problems with that…the actual color…well, go to your local grocery store or butcher shop and ask for a pound of hamburger…take out the white of the fat marbled in it and that is the color…hence the reason why i am calling this color Hamburger Helper! hehe… i quite like it! okay now more working on it…*sigh*

k i will talk later, byee!


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so i am in a bit of a crisis…

okay. started knitting my sock for my sock pal right? well…i had a friend whose leg measurements fit my sock pals. it didn’t fit. well, maybe i could add a couple more stitches and make it wider…nope, cuff won’t go past mid calf and since i am doing knee socks, this is a bit of a problem…so i frogged it. *sigh* so for the last 3 hours i have been searching online for something that was a knee sock, or was easily translated into one. my sock pal has specific ideas. she really likes the cookie a. designs…don’t we all? well, since i am now officially a poor college kid (yay, i graduated!) i can’t easily justify spending $6 on a pattern when that could by me gas, not much, but enough to go to work and such. so you see my crisis….i need a sock pattern and i need one now….and there is NO WAY i am doing the Monkey pattern. im just not gonna do it! it is the rebel child in me that says “no! i don’ wanna! you can’t make me!!!” *screaming and crying all the way to my room.

the yarn is okay. i have yarn. some of it needs to be dyed a second time because there are pink patches where there shouldnt be… but i will get to that when i need the yarn and have more money. again, i am a broke college student in need of money for a computer. food can come later.

yarn-003.jpgpink spots are there in the middle…it is a lovely angora, wool, ramie blend. i love it! it is wonderful to knit with, soft with out being obnoxious and about 900 yards was only $3.49! yay goodwill sweater!

anyway people, i am in a crisis i need your help. you are my only hope….help me obi wan, you are my only hope!

k im done now….


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so i am moving out…

i am in the process of it. I officially graduated yesterday! whoo-hoo! and i contacted my pal about some stuff for her socks. they are gonna be pretty! i am using the clessidra pattern by g.bella as a base for the sock. the pretty cable-y bits are going to be something else though. pretty cable-y bits, but different ones! but the only problem is (and please don’t get mad at me aunt beth) i seem to have misplaced the book with my pretty cable-y bits patterns that i wanted to use. Now i would like to reiterate that i am in the process of moving, so hopefully it fell into a box that i wasnt expecting or fell under a box or something along those lines….hopefully. anyway. the yarn, pretty angora/wool/ramie mix from a sweater i got a goodwill. you might remember it, it is the yarn i dyed a while ago…she said she didnt want variegated yarn, so i am going with this! but i cant work on it anymore until i find that book. that is my mission tomorrow. my mission today? nailing my interview at starbucks! i need this job and i feel confident that i will get one of the four positions that they are needing to fill so hopefully i will get it…no wait, i will get it! haha! okay, now to eat breakfast that boyfriend made for me….how sweet!


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