so i am moving out…

i am in the process of it. I officially graduated yesterday! whoo-hoo! and i contacted my pal about some stuff for her socks. they are gonna be pretty! i am using the clessidra pattern by g.bella as a base for the sock. the pretty cable-y bits are going to be something else though. pretty cable-y bits, but different ones! but the only problem is (and please don’t get mad at me aunt beth) i seem to have misplaced the book with my pretty cable-y bits patterns that i wanted to use. Now i would like to reiterate that i am in the process of moving, so hopefully it fell into a box that i wasnt expecting or fell under a box or something along those lines….hopefully. anyway. the yarn, pretty angora/wool/ramie mix from a sweater i got a goodwill. you might remember it, it is the yarn i dyed a while ago…she said she didnt want variegated yarn, so i am going with this! but i cant work on it anymore until i find that book. that is my mission tomorrow. my mission today? nailing my interview at starbucks! i need this job and i feel confident that i will get one of the four positions that they are needing to fill so hopefully i will get it…no wait, i will get it! haha! okay, now to eat breakfast that boyfriend made for me….how sweet!



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3 responses to “so i am moving out…

  1. OK, when and where are you moving?
    You are going to bring my books back when you move, right?
    What little cable-y bits do you want to do?

  2. Grant

    She’s moving too soon… she’s got stuff at my place already.

    I’ll make her give you books back. soon.

    I’ll kill her for you for ever misplacing one of your books… and doubly so if she doesn’t find it. Tripley so if I find it and its in a place she looked. I do this all the time, but she’s female so its inexcusable.. because if she can’t find something, all is lost (hah puns are great).

    kthx bye.

  3. Wow, we have assimilated you into the famiily. Did she get the Starbucks job? Which location?

    Oh, and you now really have no excuse for not visiting!

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