so i am in a bit of a crisis…

okay. started knitting my sock for my sock pal right? well…i had a friend whose leg measurements fit my sock pals. it didn’t fit. well, maybe i could add a couple more stitches and make it wider…nope, cuff won’t go past mid calf and since i am doing knee socks, this is a bit of a problem…so i frogged it. *sigh* so for the last 3 hours i have been searching online for something that was a knee sock, or was easily translated into one. my sock pal has specific ideas. she really likes the cookie a. designs…don’t we all? well, since i am now officially a poor college kid (yay, i graduated!) i can’t easily justify spending $6 on a pattern when that could by me gas, not much, but enough to go to work and such. so you see my crisis….i need a sock pattern and i need one now….and there is NO WAY i am doing the Monkey pattern. im just not gonna do it! it is the rebel child in me that says “no! i don’ wanna! you can’t make me!!!” *screaming and crying all the way to my room.

the yarn is okay. i have yarn. some of it needs to be dyed a second time because there are pink patches where there shouldnt be… but i will get to that when i need the yarn and have more money. again, i am a broke college student in need of money for a computer. food can come later.

yarn-003.jpgpink spots are there in the middle…it is a lovely angora, wool, ramie blend. i love it! it is wonderful to knit with, soft with out being obnoxious and about 900 yards was only $3.49! yay goodwill sweater!

anyway people, i am in a crisis i need your help. you are my only hope….help me obi wan, you are my only hope!

k im done now….



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6 responses to “so i am in a bit of a crisis…

  1. knitwhimsies

    Well, if she likes Cookie A. you can always go with Hedera. It is a fun design to knit and it’s free on Knitty!

  2. I second Hedera, I am knitting it for my pal and it would be easy to add in an additional lace repeat and then slowly decrease it out as you get lower on the leg.
    Also, a really nice idea would be the Hello Yarn Cable Twist Socks here:
    You can add as many cable twists you want, increase the number of stitches between them or in them…it would be a great pattern for a tapered leg.
    Beautiful yarn and what a great idea! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! 🙂

  3. i’m doing hedera and its coming out a bit tight, luckily i think it wont be too hard to add an additional repeat.

    i however would also recommend, anastasia, by pepperknit. it’s not written as a knee sock, but i made them into knee socks (its easy since they are toe up). i think its a great pattern too. check it out.

    oh and its free! 🙂

  4. try not to stress about it too much. We all want to make something our pals will love, but if you can’t afford to buy a pattern, make do with what you can. I think Stephanie had some good suggestions for you and you can always use one of Cookie’s free patterns on Knitty.

    Good – luck!

  5. fbz

    i did hedera toe-up knee socks by semi-following this:

    and combining that with a toe-up gusset+heel flap exactly from this:

    and they turned out fabulously and are some of the best knee socks i’ve done. pictures of my finished first one:

    i reversed the lace so the arrows still point towards the toe, email me and i’ll email you the chart.

  6. Thank you so much for the advice! i think i am going to go with Hedera. i have all day to play with the pattern and figure out if i like it or not. again thank you sooooo much for all the advice!

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