so i started hedera…

yep! i sure did! i am using this version which makes it into knee socks suggested to me by fabienne thank you VERY much for this. since it is originally in Finnish the translation isnt the best but still pretty easy to get. still very very nice. i quite like it. i have never made a lace pattern before so this one is my first but boy is it nice! very simple and easy to do while doing something else. this sock has been to my aunts, my dads and has listened to most of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on my I pod. very nice knitting background noise.

but now i guess you want pictures….


so far pretty good right?


i think so….the camera isnt showing the actual color of the yarn…go figure, it is red and cameras have problems with that…the actual color…well, go to your local grocery store or butcher shop and ask for a pound of hamburger…take out the white of the fat marbled in it and that is the color…hence the reason why i am calling this color Hamburger Helper! hehe… i quite like it! okay now more working on it…*sigh*

k i will talk later, byee!



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5 responses to “so i started hedera…

  1. Ah, so that is what they’re going to look like. Very nice. I’m going to have to try those!

  2. Awww, your Hederas are going to look so gorgeous, especially in the version you decided for! I did the “basic” version a while ago and enjoyed the pattern big time – have fun knitting them up!

  3. 🙂 excellent. i love the hedera pattern and with having to restart it 3 times, its now memorized!

    they are going to look so great as knee socks.


  4. Grant

    You’re supposed to have a new post entitled “So… I started my job at Hobby Lobby”

  5. iknitalone

    Very nice!

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