so i saw wicked yesterday!

Dear Sock Pal,

I usually don’t have much of a life…the most exciting things for me is when boyfriend and i decide to go to my aunt and uncle’s house or find a really good recipe on food network. But this weekend…well, it was magical. (tee hee hee)

For my graduation present from my mommie i got two tickets to Wicked. Now for those of you who know me and my brother, you know that we enjoy musicals. and heck, from time to time, mostly when no one is around so i cant get laughed at for being an awful singer, we even sing them…as loud as we can…for the whole neighborhood to hear. Also, when we find a musical we learn every word to every song and listen/watch it over and over and over and over and…well you get the gist. One day my brother said “Hey, i got the sound track to Wicked and it’s pretty good!” i was skeptical since i had read the book and didn’t really see how they were making a book into a musical. i waited a couple of days to put it on my i pod. then i heard my brother singing one of the songs and thought it was quite good. i put it on the i pod and have never regretted it since.

Since it was (the tickets) a gift for MY graduation, my brother didnt get to go. but i did get him a tshirt, im not that heartless. So i got two tickets. one for me and one for my driver boyfriend since he can tolerate driving a little bit more than i can…and it was in Chicago. now from Indianapolis it isnt that bad of a drive…luckily i am OCD, and one of my, quirks we’ll call it, is being late. I hate being late. H.A.T.E. being late. with a fiery burning passion. i get to the point of physical anxiety and tears if i am late. so with that being said, i told boyfriend that we should leave at 10 am our time. It is a three hour drive, and they are an hour behind us. The show starts at 2. you do the math. I wanted to get there early, 1, because of parking and because i have to be early. so, we end up leaving at 9:30. we got there at 1:20. again, it is a three hour drive. I hate Chicago. well, driving in it at least. we were in traffic for 2 hours. not stand still traffic, but omg-why-are-we-going-5-miles-a-hour-in-a-55-mph-zone?!?!- traffic. for two hours. it was well worth it though. The musical was great! the cast was awesome, even if the original girl play Elfaba wasnt there, her stand by was PERFECT! and i couldnt have picked a better G(a)linda. The best part that made my night though, Dr. Dillamond was played by K. Todd Freeman. Made me happy since i was a big Buffy fan. Made me happy. it was very very worth it.

now picture time!


more pictures to come after i get batteries…so you will have to wait…i have sock pictures too!

oh, i also got a job. i hate it. it is the devil. who knew craft stores were so unorganized. even when unpacking boxes?! that is all i am going to say about that.

Okay, i’m going to go work on the sock some more…or finish my puzzle….hmm….

*Edit-puzzle: finished…sock, not so much…



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4 responses to “so i saw wicked yesterday!

  1. Good heavens girl, why didn’t you let me know you liked musicals! You can come over anytime and sing.

    Oh, and about not having or wanting to see “Sound of Music”, yeah, you need to get over that one. It’s one of my favs, as are anything by Rogers and Hammerstein. “South Pacific” is wonderful. OK, so sue me if I like the oldies!

  2. Oh, yeah, craft stores are horrible at organization. I survived JoAnn’s for a year because I hid out in the pattern drawers.

  3. Grant

    “So i got two tickets. one for me and one for my driver boyfriend ”

    Miss Daisy, I really enjoy being your driver sho’ nuf.

    I think my courtesy of driving you to Weddings has just ended.

  4. Yeah, so you should probably watch what you say on your blog when you know your “driver” is reading it.

    And G, I just can’t imagine you saying “sho’ nuff.”

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