so i saw Harry Potter OoTP

it was definitely worth seeing it at midnight tuesday night and being incredibly tired at work on wednesday. I believe that it is the best book-to-movie conversion that they have done. While they did get some things wrong (Cho Chang didnt blab! What the Hell? She’s just a whiney little brat through the whole book!) they did my favorite part of the book PERFECTLY. As for casting, of course the regulars were there, and i am almost ready to say that after 5 movies Emma Watson has FINALLY become a good actress. almost. Umbridge was just as infuriatingly evil as in the book. The actress, Imelda Staunton was PERFECT for the role. just absolutely perfect. I wanted to strangle her as soon as she was on screen. Out of all the books that i have read, and i have read alot of books, not just harry potter ones, she is the character that i hate the most. i LOATHE her, thats how bad it is…


Now about the actual viewing of the movie.


Our tickets were for the 12.02 am movie. We got there at 10.30 and boyfriend thought i was being irrational, again. We get there and there is a line of girls dressed in uniform walking into the theater. me…irrational…We get inside and there was a line…a loooong line. At about 11, they said “okay, there are two showings, 12.02 and 12.03. You are all in the same line. 12.02, walk up here. 12.03, you stay.” because they couldnt make two lines why? so we start walking up there. and we stop. okay. there was a slight problem in their half assed thinking. most of the people at the FRONT of the line were the 12.03 showing so they were all standing in our ways, whether on purpose or not, i dont know. they finally take down the little nylon straps that hold us in out pins like pigs to slaughter and we get to go in. By the time we get to go in, half of the theater is full because there was a party of 20 teenage girls that got there before us. 20 teenage girls. now i have said this a MILLION times, “I was NEVER THAT BAD at that age.” Mom of the party sat next to me and so i got to here her yell at the girls. i almost started yelling. and when did it take 20 girls to go pee? seriously, when 1 said “i have to go” the other 19 said “ME TOO!” that was annoying. i pulled out my sock (which by the way i have ripped out and started over…AGAIN) and was working on it when Mom goes “you knit? girl #14 knits too! and her mom is the owner of the Mass Ave. Yarn shop on Virginia.” intrigued i said hi, but of course she was the ONLY shy girl in the party. so i knit, boyfriend and i talk, we watch the same little “guess this” trivia things, sponsored by Coke, and finally the movie started. well, previews did. and there are some cute ones that i want to see. The new disney movie looks neat. Part cartoon, part live action. Synopsis: princess gets thrown into NYC. Prince follows. have to get back to cartoon fairy land by certain time or something bad will happen. Hilarity ensues. Well, the best part of the movie going experience, i always think, is the opening when the whole theater gets quiet and the title comes on. I have only found it to be significant at midnight showings, other times, every one just whispers quieter. But at midnight showings, only hard core nerds fans are there to see the movie. That happened with Star Wars I,II, and III, happened when i saw HP 3 and 4, and happened with Pirates of the Caribbean. It didnt happen with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Why? because of the 20 teenage girls. they were cheering and shouting when someone below us goes “SHUT UP!” and numerous others said “YEAH!” anyway. that was the last we heard from them, except in the middle of the movie when they went to the bathroom.


Overall, good movie. great scenes, great interpretations of some things, good movie. I really want to see it again, but will probably wait until boyfriend decides to take me…


okay i am hungry and i have a sock to finish.



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2 responses to “so i saw Harry Potter OoTP

  1. V and I took Sean last night. You are SO right about Umbridge. Even that little giggle. Made me want to get up and throttle her.

    And that thing with Cho, well, she was being a whiney brat, and I didn’t like her hair at all in this one (GoF hair was better).

    Girl #14: You know, that makes me feel frickin’ old because I knew her and her sisters when they were hangin’ out in the playpen at Mass Ave. I so need to get a job so we can go down there and buy yarn.

  2. Grant

    You want to go… again?

    Hopefully this time I’m not surrounded by underage girls in schoolgirl uniforms. My inner quagmire was killing me. So meg.. 16 yet?

    In actuality.. I need you to dress up as Luna Lovegood before we go again. What can I say.. I like the crazy ones.

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