so i read harry potter DH…

…the epilogue was….disappointing…i can understand why it was there but i believe it was unnecessary…over all…not my favorite. number six i think was better… i only sobbed at one part and i was expecting to cry through out the whole thing. but i didnt…only one part and every one will laugh when i tell them what part but oh well…i wont say here for those of you who havent finished it yet but yeah…sobbed like a baby. a bunch of people die but only one death got me. yeah….read it in 14.5 hours! fastest one yet! it helps that i dont have someone coming in every five minutes going “have you gotten to this part yet? well im on page *fill in the blank* im further than you!” that happened with five and six. and since im not at home, i left my cell phone off so that no one could call and pester me… so i have gotten my housing information. well…it is at my moms house….that is another big fiasco that i am not going to talk about….* sigh* lets just say it is my mother being my mother.

Oh well…

Going to finish a sock hopefully.


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One response to “so i read harry potter DH…

  1. Holy Crap, what happened? Do AB and the Stepmom need to lay the smack down?

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