So, I saw Harry and the Potters…

They were soooooo awesome! it was totally worth driving around Indianapolis for an hour and a half, lost, giving up and then by chance turning on the right street and seeing Draco and the Malfoys starting their set. both bands were great! lots of energy lots of funny songs lots of random babble that reminded me of my photography teacher, Mr. Hunckler. It was awesome. i got a tshirt. it totally says Hogwart’s Tonsil Hockey Team. oh yeah…anyway, got my room mate for school…her name is erica! yay! umm….letssssssssss seeeeeeeeeeee… last day at work is tomorrow and i couldnt be happier! i am so waiting for it….i close tomorrow but i dont care…i like closing because there is a whole hour where you dont have to deal with customers and the 2 before that usually go by quickly because it is very hectic, not that the store is hectic enough with new intercom systems that dont work, people moving aisles without telling the people whose department it is. I didnt know where 3 of my aisles were today because they moved them and not to anywhere that would make sense…yeah….

anyway, dinner…it be close to done….yummie, phillie cheese steaks…yumm…

k i go now bye



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3 responses to “So, I saw Harry and the Potters…

  1. Grant

    I was going to say something here, but.. I’m sleepy

  2. Erica (new roomie haha)

    This blog thing is pretty cool. I should start doing something like this. :]

  3. Zabet

    I almost went to that concert… had to work on AntiCraft web stuffs, tho. 😦 My hubby and I were originally planning to do the ubergeek Columbus-Louisville-Indy thing, but then I realized that was the last weekend before the new AC went up!

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