so i got my computer

and its purdy! i wuv it!

100_0921.jpgthe background is from a kid called kris-wilson on funny funny stuff…anyway….

I also finally finished my socks for sockapalooza….it only took 6 starts to finally get the finished ones…and i still wasnt happy with those…but they were sent on their merry way to Canadia on thursday…I hope they get there soon…i hope they fit, i hope she likes them….and of course, i had the camera in my purse and forgot to take a picture of it…yeah i was upset with myself…hopefully my pal will take a picture of them…

I started packing for the dorm today…it so far has been fold clean laundry and deciding to wash my robe which hasnt been washed for awhile…

and also…much to my dismay, my kicking and screaming, my crying like a baby and my “but i dont wanna!”s i made a facebook….*sigh* i hate facebook, i hate myspace…i enjoy the wonderful art of blogging much too much to have it all destroyed by websites such as myspace and facebook…but i did it….mostly because alot of boyfriends friends were doubting i exsisted (cue “My girlfriend lives in Canada” by Avenue Q) so i decided to prove to all of his friends that i do in fact live and breathe… *sigh* i feel less of a rebel now….tear…

oh well…i have laundry to do…lots and lots of it…well…not so much alot of it but i still need to do it…



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4 responses to “so i got my computer

  1. Grant (the man)

    I’m so happy you have a facebook! Now I can poke you whenever I want! I can leave messages on it, and add pictures of you and link them to your profile,and brag about you even more! Yay.

  2. You left out the important geek info on the computer. V wants to know.

    And you know, just because you have a facebook account, doesn’t mean you actually have to read it…..

  3. Grant

    As the resident geek I can remember this about the comp-u-tron

    apple Macbook ($1299 model)

    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16 ghz
    512mb ram
    8x SuperDrive (DVD-R/+R/DL CD-R/RW)
    13″ anti-glare coated screen

  4. Amy

    Hi, I found you through your aunt’s blog and I’ve been lurking for a while. Isn’t it fun to get a mac? I’ve got the now defunct iBook and I love it. Have fun and where are you going to school?

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