so im in the dorm now…

yay! i have moved in…everything has gone well…yeeeeah…not much goin on…waiting for classes to start on monday but other than that i got nuthin….



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8 responses to “so im in the dorm now…

  1. Amy

    So which dorm are you in?

  2. Grant

    I hope you’re having a great time! I’ll see you soon.

  3. Glad you’re settled. Does it still smell like a moldy barn?

    Not to be a bummer-downer, but can I have my books back. I’m going through research withdrawal.

    Oh, and I started a Hogwarts sweater for Sean with his school colors. It’s going to be so cool!

  4. Grant

    Beth! I’ll pick them up from either her or her house and hand deliver them. I’d give them to Joe, but he’s a Montano, and if he’s anything like his children the books would be swallowed by an abyss in transit and lost forever.

  5. Joe (Dad)

    Grant, I have already gotten the books out of Leigh’s car and put them in my truck (after letting mom go thru and retrieve the books that Beth has tried to liberate from mom)and they will be delivered on Saturday morning.

  6. Grant

    Oh Noes! They’re gone forever!

  7. Which books did mom take out??? The only ones that were her’s are the little German ones. If she kept any others of mine I’m gonna…….hum.. just wait till she dies and I’ll get them back. Right?

  8. Joe (Dad)

    umm, yeah

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