so my socks arrived!

i am excited! the only boo part is that they are in pendleton and i wont get them until saturday…boo….but at least they have shown up! yay! that is exciting…and i have (almost) had a full week of class and so far everything has gone well…except the whole no books thing but pshaw…who needs books…i will get them eventually…the part that sucks the most is that it is SOOOO hot and no dorm rooms have air conditioning except if the person has asthma or severe allergies to i think that i might have my doctor write me a note next year because this sucks…i hate this whole showering every day thing….too much work….so yeah…i get socks on saturday! whoo!

so yeah….k i have homework to do now…boo….

*edit* my sockpal got her socks!


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One response to “so my socks arrived!

  1. Squee! They turned out really nice.

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