so i actually got my socks…

100_0928.jpg Aren’t they adorable!? I love them! I also got a cute sock monkey bag and some Jelly Belly’s and a cute little zipper thingy100_0927.jpg

And I finished my mittens. I was working on a pair of convertible ones and they are done. Yay! They were my test run. I am going to make a pair for Hannah for Xmas. Is it scary that I am already starting my xmas shopping/knitting?

I also got my Ravelry invite! Squee! I am throughly addicted…

And, speaking of yarn, Boyfriend gave me my Birthday present a week early. He got me a $40 gift certificate for the Mass Ave. Knit Shop! I haven’t spent all of it yet but I did get some wonderful green yarn that the Guy Behind The Counter recommended. It is Berroco Comfort. Half Nylon, half Acrylic and he said it knits like a dream and booooy is it sooooooooft! I love it! I have some plans for this bad boy! and for some reason the picture wont load…I will try again later…

Oh well, I have some homework to do….phhbt…..


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  1. You went to Mass Ave and didn’t tell me? I’m crushed.

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