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so i am sick…

The school year has finally started: I am sick. It is a virus…gee go figure….I missed work yesterday and a class, today I missed two classes…I don’t really care though…I am sick…blegh…I have been on ravelry and been organizing all of my knitting stuff there…It is an amazing website…I love it. But right now, I am too sick to knit…I watch tv…Currently I am frustrated because for some reason the discovery channel goes fuzzy randomly. Not completely fuzzy so I can’t watch it but fuzzy enough to be annoying…I’ve tried everything, wiggling the cord…well, that is about it but I did that and nothing helped…I blame the dorm….very excited because I get to do laundry this weekend! I haven’t done it in over three weeks…And I am still wearing clean clothes. I have enough jeans that if I wear each pair twice, I can get through a whole month. I have enough clothes to last me a month…how cool is that? Sure, I might be wearing the tshirts that are like “eh, I don’t really want to wear it…Why do I even have it still? Oh because I don’t like getting rid of things…” Hence the reason I still have a Taco Bell shirt with the Chihuahua on it…and a shirt that my brother tie dyed when he was 6 or so and grew out of…I have alot of shirts like that… I also have alot of shirts that have gone from my brother to my cousin and back to me…Brother:15, cousin:7…I am going to be the smallest in my family…I think I have come to terms with that…*coughcoughcough* eh…k I updated…yay…

P.s. B: is it all right if boyfriend and I come to visit on Saturday if I haven’t coughed up my lungs by then?


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