Okay been a while…blah blah blah…I suck at blogging so sue me…

Christmas happened…I got Fitted Knits and Charmed Knits. I squeeled with glee on both accounts! I got some purple yarn that I have no idea what to do with. I tried to make a hat out of it but I got 2 inches in and found out it was twisted…Ug.  Right now I am working on Mrs. Darcy Cardigan for me and a hat for my friend Jennifer. And that is it on the knitting front. I finished Hannah’s scarf and mittens only about 3 weeks late but that is because of the scabies…

Oh yeah, I got scabies. Who gets scabies now a days? I don’t know where I got it from all I know is that I had to get this nasty, pesticidal lotion and lube up from neck to toe. But the worst part…We had to go to CVS to pick up with prescription…well they kinda didn’t have it. Why? Because the Lindane lotion has a pesticide in it that is banned in 50 countries. Except the US. So we had the tech call 5 different stores to try to find a bottle of it and only one…1 out of five of them had any left. Then came the laundry. I had just brought back all of my clothes from school…And I cleaned the majority of them the week before all of the scabiesness happened.  So I had to clean all of my clothes again, I had to clean all of the bedding. It was a mess. Oh and it all happened 3 days before Christmas. Yeah that was fun. Scabies suck.

My puppy had to have surgery. Everything was scary for a while but now everything is fine. She had two ruptured vertebrae and they removed it and they didn’t know if she was going to walk or not but she is walking now and the last time I was home I visited her and she even slept with me. It was so cute! I am so proud of her progress! She will be running around the house by summer…

…Which will never come!  I don’t like summer too much because I get hot really easily but I like winter…when there is snow. Yesterday we got rain, tornado warnings, and then a sprinkling of snow. And this morning on my way to my 10:00 class, the wind chill make it -14…Yes negative 14. It was frigid. I was not happy.

Oh! I got an awesome new room and an awesome new roommate! I got into a triple at school with one other person. They usually shove 3 students in a triple, hence the name, but there are only two of us in there and I am in the same building as a lot of my friends which makes things a whole lot easier! Over all everything is well!

I had to get my tattoo touched up…and I am going to have to again…I don’t really want to talk about it…

K…I have a hat I have to finish and mail soon! Hopefully I will try to update more…



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3 responses to “So…yeah

  1. Ava

    Sorry, but the computer is jiggling because I was laughing too hard about the weather comments. Reminds me of a time I slept with both sisters not out of love, but fear we would freeze in our sleep at our grandparents’ farm. Sorry about the tat . . . get crackin on that hat. Oh, really lame poetry . . . complete accident.

  2. I was wondering what you’ve been up do. Hear you’ve got 3 history classes this semester, one being the history of music. I tried taking that one, and dropped it after the 2nd day when the prof was discussing theory that was way over my poor marching band brain.

    Knit yourself a cute little sweater out of all that purple, like the t-shirt on Magknits.

  3. Grant

    I thought it was fitting I left a message saying that I too hate scabies, and that I miss bagel… I think I’m going to steal her and take her home with me. I miss you very much, and will see you soon, oh there you are!

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