So yeah…

Semester’s over….let’s not talk about that or my grades….

New topic! I participated in SockWarsIII this year. The first year I’ve been in it and it was a blast! I had a lot of fun on the ravelry forums talking to other sock warriors. I officially “died” today. I got my socks from Canada today. They are so pretty!


I love love LOVE them! Yay!

Yesterday, G and I planted tomatoes. We are hoping for enough to can and possibly sell at the local farmers market.

Speaking of selling things, my plan for the summer was to make a bunch of little things like patch work bags, little scarflets, other cute things, and then sell them online because I am broke, have no money, have no car and stranded in a small town that unless you are willing to work fast food (and I’m not), you can’t find a job. Well, the pedal for my sewing machine ran away from home. I can’t find it anywhere. Yeah. So, if you know of someone who has an extra sewing machine pedal for some reason for a basic Singer sewing machine, I would be willing to buy it off of them. Or if they have a sewing machine they are willing to get rid of for cheap, I will take it off their hands.

K I am done now. Gonna go do stuff around the house.



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2 responses to “So yeah…

  1. Ava

    Well, your socks look cute in “death.” My grades weren’t so hot until I graduated and went back to get certified as a teacher. It took that damn long. I’ll see if we have an extra pedal attachment at school . . . can’t promise anything, but I’ll check into it.

  2. preita

    The socks look great! I wish someone would kill me already. I have so much to do other than knitting my sock wars socks!

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