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So this is what I want for my birthday!

Everyone has been asking me lately and so I’ve decided that it’s time to just put a list up for everyone to see! Discuss amongst yourselves what you are going to get me…

Leigh?s Birthday List!
1. Ball Winder (No, Grandma, I don’t need Aunt B’s. She can keep them…)
2. Swift (Ditto)
3. Yarn or gift certificates for yarn
4. Socks ? must be fun colors and preferably knee high
5. Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vol. 1 by Julia Child
6. Yarn, A lot of it!
7. Animal House
8. Airplane!
9. Emperor?s New Groove
10. Blues Brother 2000
11. If you really want to, a new IPod

And P.s. I would LOVE some more yarn!



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So he’s 16 today…

To Robbie (because you’re always going to be Robbie to me!)

16 years ago today (Oh em gee! Robbie’s 16, that means….Holy crap! I’m going to be 20 soon!), I was told I was finally a big sister. I had been waiting for this for 9 whole months and for a 4 year old that’s intense! You were cute! Like all Montanos you look like Winston Churchill. All you needed was a cigar. I remember holding you. You were heavy. There are lots of pictures of me holding you. For some reason everyone thought it was cute. I don’t get it. You were really boring for a long time. Then you got loud. You liked to cry, except when the weather lady came on tv. Then you shut up. It was kinda annoying. I finally realised how Milo felt when I came home from the hospital. After about a month, I was bored with you and frankly annoyed too. I think it was about then I started trying to sell you. When I was about 6 or 7 someone, I think it was Daddie, told me that one day I would really be glad that I had a brother. At that time I thought, “Are you kidding me? He’s annoying! I’m never going to be glad I have a brother!” Well, last year at school, when I didn’t get to see you every day, and I didn’t get to argue with you every day, and I didn’t get to sing musicals with you every day, and I didn’t get to be loud with you every and generally annoy Mommie, I realised what Daddie said was true. I’m glad I have you! You’re my favorite brother and always will be unless you seriously mess and then Patrick becomes my favorite…

I miss you and I will always love you!

Happy birthday Buttface!
me and robbie


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So I’ve got a busy second half coming up…

It is the beginning of July now and I’m slowly realizing how busy I’m going to be. This week of course is the obligatory Fourth of July festivities. Then next week begins helping my uncle get ready for Pennsic. Yes my family is a bunch of nerds but that’s okay because otherwise I wouldn’t fit in and I wouldn’t love them for who they are! Then the next week is the Jason Mraz concert that I’m hoping to buy tickets to next week! I’ve waited a long time for certain people or groups to come to Indianapolis: Eddie Izzard (that was AWESOME), Jason Mraz is coming and one day when they need money again, I hope to see System of a Down. And since Weezer put out a new album this summer they should be touring soon too! That would be awesome! Okay so after the Jason Mraz concert is the Rush concert. This will be my third time seeing them and I didn’t even have to buy the tickets! And then I have three weeks of nothing then a wedding with Troy, my boss and then 3 days to pack and go back to school! When I look at it that way, my summer seems really short….sad….

Now for something completely different!

So my friend Nick gave me a sweater that he had found somewhere and told me to do what ever I wanted with it! So I looked at it. It was cute. An American Eagle sweater which probably cost more than any thing I’ve ever bought to wear. Looked at the tag. Holy crap. 100% wool! I looked closer at this sweater and decided it wasn’t THAT cute. So I took it apart. And the best part…it was double stranded so I have twice as much yarn! Also another bonus: it just happens to be light fingering weight yarn! So I have roughly 1000 yards of a brown, 100% wool sock yarn! So what am I going to do with all of this? Well make socks with it, duh. My latest and greatest project: well I realized that I love mismatched socks. Purposely mismatched socks. So, I’m going to make 4-6 (or more) socks that are all the same color but different patterns! Right now I’m working on the Pomatomus sock by Cookie A and plan on another Cookie A design to have a theme with this first pair. I’m thinking it’s going to be the ever so popular Monkey socks. For the second pair, I’m thinking the Snicket sock and something else (links to Ravelry)…but I just don’t know what yet…Any suggestions? Something easy, but looks good, and free, definitely free. See I’m a poor college student…Free is good.

K, it’s lunch time now and I’m hungry…

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