So he’s 16 today…

To Robbie (because you’re always going to be Robbie to me!)

16 years ago today (Oh em gee! Robbie’s 16, that means….Holy crap! I’m going to be 20 soon!), I was told I was finally a big sister. I had been waiting for this for 9 whole months and for a 4 year old that’s intense! You were cute! Like all Montanos you look like Winston Churchill. All you needed was a cigar. I remember holding you. You were heavy. There are lots of pictures of me holding you. For some reason everyone thought it was cute. I don’t get it. You were really boring for a long time. Then you got loud. You liked to cry, except when the weather lady came on tv. Then you shut up. It was kinda annoying. I finally realised how Milo felt when I came home from the hospital. After about a month, I was bored with you and frankly annoyed too. I think it was about then I started trying to sell you. When I was about 6 or 7 someone, I think it was Daddie, told me that one day I would really be glad that I had a brother. At that time I thought, “Are you kidding me? He’s annoying! I’m never going to be glad I have a brother!” Well, last year at school, when I didn’t get to see you every day, and I didn’t get to argue with you every day, and I didn’t get to sing musicals with you every day, and I didn’t get to be loud with you every and generally annoy Mommie, I realised what Daddie said was true. I’m glad I have you! You’re my favorite brother and always will be unless you seriously mess and then Patrick becomes my favorite…

I miss you and I will always love you!

Happy birthday Buttface!
me and robbie



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2 responses to “So he’s 16 today…

  1. Ava

    It’s so nice to see a sister who actually likes her brother (we’re a little miffed with ours right now). Happy birthday and happy driving! Head to Monon to try out the wheels . . . nothing happens there!

  2. Beth

    Someone once told me that someday I would be glad to have a brother. That someday didn’t happen until we were both in our 20’s. I’m glad you figured it out sooner.

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