So I move in tomorrow…

And instead of packing, like I should be, I’m writing a blog! Yay! I’m mostly packed. I got my computer to pack up, which I’m currently using, and my TV and my fan, my power strips, lamp, shoe hanger and my tea pot and the rest of my cups. Then I’m done. Well, then I have to pack it all in the van and in my car then I’m done. Then I have to unload everything…That’s gonna be easier than packing all of this. I like unpacking. I don’t like packing…Nope…I have been going around the house looking at piles of boxes and screaming. I was really good at first. I had a plan, I packed lots of boxes of stuff. And then day two started and I felt like I hadn’t accomplished anything and that’s when the screaming started.

K, I think I’m going to attempt to pack stuff…


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One response to “So I move in tomorrow…

  1. Grant

    But you survived! You’re a stronger person for it 🙂

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