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so my finger is still broken…

and i got not much else to say about anything…school is booooring….the best part i would say is that the scourge of the sea, a band based out of lexington, KY, has been bragging about how good of an interview i did! which is great because i thought it was my worst one ever! but since theyve been bragging, another band from lexington called Petticoat, Petticoat wants to do an interview with me! and the hot iq’s are signing up for another one and the changes are scheduled for next wednesday! so yeah…if you want to hear bits of the scourge of the sea interview go to and click on multimedia! but trust me…it sucks…the good luck joes is more entertaining…but anyway…its hard to type with a broken finger…so im going now…bye!

*edit* its been decided that the break in my finger is called herbert the frumpy fracture…there…now im going…


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