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so my socks arrived!

i am excited! the only boo part is that they are in pendleton and i wont get them until saturday…boo….but at least they have shown up! yay! that is exciting…and i have (almost) had a full week of class and so far everything has gone well…except the whole no books thing but pshaw…who needs books…i will get them eventually…the part that sucks the most is that it is SOOOO hot and no dorm rooms have air conditioning except if the person has asthma or severe allergies to i think that i might have my doctor write me a note next year because this sucks…i hate this whole showering every day thing….too much work….so yeah…i get socks on saturday! whoo!

so yeah….k i have homework to do now…boo….

*edit* my sockpal got her socks!


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so i went to prom


i would like to say i looked good!

and i won $100 for my awesome photography!

dscn1909.jpg look at me there, im wearing tempting! in all of its glory! i won the peoples choice award at the Senior artshow…oh yeah i rock! never mind the demon eyes…i look like im possessed.

and then on sunday we went to a garage sale and i got some pretty yarn for 5$!prom-011.jpg

5 whole skeins for $5! the lady tried to give me the whole box for $10 but it was mostly novelty yarn and i have no idea what i would do with it…ever…it was bad…

okay im done now…


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so yeah…my aunts an enabler…

she gave me more yarn…

any way…went to chicago yesterday to the museum of science and industry
it was really neat, we saw the body world exhibit. that was neat, once you get passed the penises everywhere…but yeah, other than that the coolest part was the submarine…

it was big…really really big…i could have spent the whole time there but i wanted to see every exhibit, and i did…it was awesome… the only bad part…the 8 hour round trip it took…i hate driving to illinois… but look at all the progress i did!

i am seriously almost done….i just have 4 1/2 more rows to do…then i will be done! well, after binding off and attaching the arms to the sweater the rest of the way….

in sadder news, my friend Jennifer’s sister died. Her name was Rachel, she died of Cystic Fibrosis on Sunday. It was kinda appropriate for her. she was a religions major at Anderson University. She wanted to be a preacher one day. this just really sucks…as soon as i find out what charity they are wanting people to donate to i am going to donate money. This is the second person ive known to die of CF in the past year. It really is a sad disease…and now for a picker upper!
its a toad…. a really really big one…

okay i go now bye bye….

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so indiana weather sucks…

yeah last week it was all nice and 70 degrees but now, the temperature is at 36….cold…indiana sucks…

prom is exactly one month away and grant got approved to go as my date. i didnt think he wouldnt but its still something that makes me happy.

portfolios for the senior art show are due next thursday….we need 10 pieces….i have maybe 4….yeah….i need to work on that… i have something im working on now but… yeah. anyway…. ummm

i think i got a dry socket in one of my wisdom teeth holes…. it is the only one that still hurts and it hurts reeeeeeeeal bad and yeah it sucks…all the other ones are fine but NOOOOO that one just COULDNT cooperate….

tempting is coming along okay i think. no where near as much progress as last week…for some reason teachers dont like it when you are knitting in the middle of their lectures…i have NO idea why… here ya go!

if you look closely on my right arm you can see the bruise from the IV from my wisdom teeth! aint it purdy? and on the sweater you can see the blue paper clip i use! yay paper clips!


here is the lace i think im going to use


and now a cute adorable picture of my puppy!


i love her!

k i am going to work on about fifteen different things now! byee!

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so anatomy sucks…

yeah i have a total of ….. 8 things due next week in anatomy…i want to cry… we are on the skeletal system right now and it suuuucks….i hate this class…alot…and in government i have to do a group project on prayer in school…which i personally think is one of the least important things that people gripe about…i dont understand why people care that much, i really dont!


i finished one of my armsocks and started working on the other one…i was sick monday so thats why i was able to finish one of them… pictures will come when….iiiii feeeeellll liiiiiiiiikkkke iiiiiiittttt!!!!!!!!! probably after i am completely done with anatomy which is in…16 weeks…omg only 16 more weeks left of me being in high school! OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! i think im scared now….

okay going to go work on the dreaded anatomy homework from hell….rarh…

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