So he’s 16 today…

To Robbie (because you’re always going to be Robbie to me!)

16 years ago today (Oh em gee! Robbie’s 16, that means….Holy crap! I’m going to be 20 soon!), I was told I was finally a big sister. I had been waiting for this for 9 whole months and for a 4 year old that’s intense! You were cute! Like all Montanos you look like Winston Churchill. All you needed was a cigar. I remember holding you. You were heavy. There are lots of pictures of me holding you. For some reason everyone thought it was cute. I don’t get it. You were really boring for a long time. Then you got loud. You liked to cry, except when the weather lady came on tv. Then you shut up. It was kinda annoying. I finally realised how Milo felt when I came home from the hospital. After about a month, I was bored with you and frankly annoyed too. I think it was about then I started trying to sell you. When I was about 6 or 7 someone, I think it was Daddie, told me that one day I would really be glad that I had a brother. At that time I thought, “Are you kidding me? He’s annoying! I’m never going to be glad I have a brother!” Well, last year at school, when I didn’t get to see you every day, and I didn’t get to argue with you every day, and I didn’t get to sing musicals with you every day, and I didn’t get to be loud with you every and generally annoy Mommie, I realised what Daddie said was true. I’m glad I have you! You’re my favorite brother and always will be unless you seriously mess and then Patrick becomes my favorite…

I miss you and I will always love you!

Happy birthday Buttface!
me and robbie



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So I’ve got a busy second half coming up…

It is the beginning of July now and I’m slowly realizing how busy I’m going to be. This week of course is the obligatory Fourth of July festivities. Then next week begins helping my uncle get ready for Pennsic. Yes my family is a bunch of nerds but that’s okay because otherwise I wouldn’t fit in and I wouldn’t love them for who they are! Then the next week is the Jason Mraz concert that I’m hoping to buy tickets to next week! I’ve waited a long time for certain people or groups to come to Indianapolis: Eddie Izzard (that was AWESOME), Jason Mraz is coming and one day when they need money again, I hope to see System of a Down. And since Weezer put out a new album this summer they should be touring soon too! That would be awesome! Okay so after the Jason Mraz concert is the Rush concert. This will be my third time seeing them and I didn’t even have to buy the tickets! And then I have three weeks of nothing then a wedding with Troy, my boss and then 3 days to pack and go back to school! When I look at it that way, my summer seems really short….sad….

Now for something completely different!

So my friend Nick gave me a sweater that he had found somewhere and told me to do what ever I wanted with it! So I looked at it. It was cute. An American Eagle sweater which probably cost more than any thing I’ve ever bought to wear. Looked at the tag. Holy crap. 100% wool! I looked closer at this sweater and decided it wasn’t THAT cute. So I took it apart. And the best part…it was double stranded so I have twice as much yarn! Also another bonus: it just happens to be light fingering weight yarn! So I have roughly 1000 yards of a brown, 100% wool sock yarn! So what am I going to do with all of this? Well make socks with it, duh. My latest and greatest project: well I realized that I love mismatched socks. Purposely mismatched socks. So, I’m going to make 4-6 (or more) socks that are all the same color but different patterns! Right now I’m working on the Pomatomus sock by Cookie A and plan on another Cookie A design to have a theme with this first pair. I’m thinking it’s going to be the ever so popular Monkey socks. For the second pair, I’m thinking the Snicket sock and something else (links to Ravelry)…but I just don’t know what yet…Any suggestions? Something easy, but looks good, and free, definitely free. See I’m a poor college student…Free is good.

K, it’s lunch time now and I’m hungry…

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So I’ve had a semi eventful first half of the summer…

I planted tomatoes…a LOT of tomatoes!


I went to the zoo…


I knitted stuff



I made bread!

I went to Jazz Fest and saw Buddy Guy play! And that was cool!


I went to visit a friend back on campus and we “found” a bike in a tree!



Okay so we didn’t find it…we might have put it there….So Tom, the guy in the bike picture, had left his bike on campus because it was old and rusted. So we decided to put the bike in the tree. This tree’s name is Timmy. He’s the big huge one over by the science building so if you ever go over there you should climb Timmy and look at the bike. We chained the bike to the tree too so it wouldn’t fall down.

And that so far have been my semi eventful first half of the summer…

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So yeah…

Semester’s over….let’s not talk about that or my grades….

New topic! I participated in SockWarsIII this year. The first year I’ve been in it and it was a blast! I had a lot of fun on the ravelry forums talking to other sock warriors. I officially “died” today. I got my socks from Canada today. They are so pretty!


I love love LOVE them! Yay!

Yesterday, G and I planted tomatoes. We are hoping for enough to can and possibly sell at the local farmers market.

Speaking of selling things, my plan for the summer was to make a bunch of little things like patch work bags, little scarflets, other cute things, and then sell them online because I am broke, have no money, have no car and stranded in a small town that unless you are willing to work fast food (and I’m not), you can’t find a job. Well, the pedal for my sewing machine ran away from home. I can’t find it anywhere. Yeah. So, if you know of someone who has an extra sewing machine pedal for some reason for a basic Singer sewing machine, I would be willing to buy it off of them. Or if they have a sewing machine they are willing to get rid of for cheap, I will take it off their hands.

K I am done now. Gonna go do stuff around the house.


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so I bought buttons today!

Yep! It is for the sweater that I have been working on for what seems like forever! I am currently working on the last sleeve as we speak!


Pretty pretty buttons! I love them!

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Okay been a while…blah blah blah…I suck at blogging so sue me…

Christmas happened…I got Fitted Knits and Charmed Knits. I squeeled with glee on both accounts! I got some purple yarn that I have no idea what to do with. I tried to make a hat out of it but I got 2 inches in and found out it was twisted…Ug.  Right now I am working on Mrs. Darcy Cardigan for me and a hat for my friend Jennifer. And that is it on the knitting front. I finished Hannah’s scarf and mittens only about 3 weeks late but that is because of the scabies…

Oh yeah, I got scabies. Who gets scabies now a days? I don’t know where I got it from all I know is that I had to get this nasty, pesticidal lotion and lube up from neck to toe. But the worst part…We had to go to CVS to pick up with prescription…well they kinda didn’t have it. Why? Because the Lindane lotion has a pesticide in it that is banned in 50 countries. Except the US. So we had the tech call 5 different stores to try to find a bottle of it and only one…1 out of five of them had any left. Then came the laundry. I had just brought back all of my clothes from school…And I cleaned the majority of them the week before all of the scabiesness happened.  So I had to clean all of my clothes again, I had to clean all of the bedding. It was a mess. Oh and it all happened 3 days before Christmas. Yeah that was fun. Scabies suck.

My puppy had to have surgery. Everything was scary for a while but now everything is fine. She had two ruptured vertebrae and they removed it and they didn’t know if she was going to walk or not but she is walking now and the last time I was home I visited her and she even slept with me. It was so cute! I am so proud of her progress! She will be running around the house by summer…

…Which will never come!  I don’t like summer too much because I get hot really easily but I like winter…when there is snow. Yesterday we got rain, tornado warnings, and then a sprinkling of snow. And this morning on my way to my 10:00 class, the wind chill make it -14…Yes negative 14. It was frigid. I was not happy.

Oh! I got an awesome new room and an awesome new roommate! I got into a triple at school with one other person. They usually shove 3 students in a triple, hence the name, but there are only two of us in there and I am in the same building as a lot of my friends which makes things a whole lot easier! Over all everything is well!

I had to get my tattoo touched up…and I am going to have to again…I don’t really want to talk about it…

K…I have a hat I have to finish and mail soon! Hopefully I will try to update more…


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So I got a tattoo…


There it is! In all of its glory! I am so excited! It looks so good! Yay!


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